Welcome to Riva del Garda

Prometheus stole the fire from the gods to give it to men. For having dared to defy nature and the divine to such an extent, he was punished with eternal torments. Since then, men have never ceased to challenge nature, trying to make the best use of renewable energy sources.

The EcoHotel Primavera, located in Riva del Garda, is designed and built entirely according to this philosophy, using materials and systems that, enhancing the innovative bioclimatic architecture, have as their aim the conservation and production of energy, tapping into the surrounding resources of the environment. Thermal insulation and the use of the best technologies for conventional heating systems are the main pillars on which our belief and our mission of saving energy is based.


They are provided with the most modern comfort, to let you spend a relax, original holiday, like daydreaming.

& Suite

Gorgeous, elegant and polished, all provided with a wide balcony, are created and furnished with certified FSC wood, with extreme taste and elegance, provided with the most modern comfort, to let you spend a relaxing and romantic holiday.

Our services

Swimming pool with whirlpool

The swimming pool, equipped with whirlpool and cervical waterfall, will give you an intense relax even after a tiring day, under the banner of the many practicable sports activities, in the environment that surrounds us.

Charger for electric cars and bike

In the outdoor parking we offer the possibility to recharge your car, motorcycle or electric bike with the appropriate column.


Local Hero Special Award

Winners of the award in the ‘Local Hero’ category in the ClimaHost 2022 in Europe competition for combating climate change in the Hotel sector, for sustainable tourism in the Alps.

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